Ginkgo biloba 2016 at The Finnish Glass Museum



My material is glass due to its clean, fascinating character. I create glass sculptures and unique durables as well as limited series of products. My focus is on the features of the material and versatile techniques. Selecting glass as the material must be well-founded in order to avoid results that resemble other materials. The process of glass-blowing fascinates me in particular, but I also use other production methods. My idiom is clear and soft; I like pure, bright colours, black and white, and simplification. I always strive at a technically high-quality end result, but the most important factor is the aesthetic quality of a work of art or a product.

My works address various themes, such as medicalisation, alteration of natural structures, and forms that are not visible to the naked eye but can be concretised by microbiology. I am fascinated by the tiny visual structures in life that occur in nature and our built environment. My work can start from plants featured in a nature documentary, a piece of composed music, a film, architecture, or advertising, for example. I transfer the details that I note into glass. My works are a reflection of how I understand beauty. 


Veera Helmi Remes
born 1983 Tampere, Finland
Glass designer


2008-2010  Tavastia vocational college, Artisan of glassblowing
2002-2006 Kuopio Academy of Design, Ceramics and glass Design, Designer         

Postgraduate studies and courses

2017              Kiln casting, Heike Brachlow, Cesty Skla / Ways of glass, Sázava, Czech
2014              Lampworking, Davide Penso, Nuutajärvi, Finland
2012              Lampworking, Fabio Marcomin, Carisolo, Italy
2010             Breaking Symmetry- workshop, Slate Grove, Nuutajärvi, Finland  
2008            Kilncasting, Emma Varga, The Glass Furnace, Istanbul, Turkey  
2008            Beadmaking, Lea Swantz, Kihniö, Finland  
2006-2007 Kuopio Academy of Design, specialization in glassdesign, Kuopio, Finland

Private exhibitions

2018             Huoli, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Finland, Finland
2017             Huoli, Gallery G12, Helsinki, Finland
2015             Blanc de blancs, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
2014             Hiljaisuus, S-gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Group exhibitions (latest)

2018             Helmi Remes and Jaakko Liikanen, Glass, Korundi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland
2017             HANDMADE - Scandinavian Glass Starting all over, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
2017             Kiehtova kierre, Filigree Glass in Finland Suomessa, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
2017             100-Glass Design, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
2016             EGC2016 – Curated, European Glass Context 2016, Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark
2016             Accident – 10 Finnish Glass Artists, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland  
2016             Talente 2016 competition exhibition, International Trade Fair Münich, Germany
2015             Finnish Glass Art 7, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
2014             EGE – European Glass Experience, Finland, Portugal, Spain and Italy
2014             Illuusio summer exhibition, The old glass factory, Riihimäki, Finland
2013             Lasismi, Gernheim Glass Museum, Petershagen, Germany  
2013             Kattaillen, Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Finland
2013             Ornamo artists, Helsinki, Finland
2012             The Void, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Finland   
2012             Lasismi - Studioglassartists, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland  
2011              Finnish Glass Art, around Europe

Grants and prizes

2017             Tied II place, III place and honorary award, 100-Glass design competition, The Finnish Glass Museum
                     (no I place was given, II prize work was also nominated as The Art Glass Piece of the Year 2017) 
2017             Arts Promotion Centre Finland, for the exhibitions
2017             Finnish Cultural Foundation, for the one year artistic work
2016             Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Arts Council of Uusimaa
2015             Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Arts Council of Häme
2012             Vantaa city
2011              Ethel E.E. Remes Foundation  
2010            Finnish Cultural Foundation  
2008           Finnish Cultural Foundation, North Savo Foundation

Notable commissions

2017           Riite vase for Rosenthal GmbH, design commission for unique vase serie, limited edition

Work in collections

The Murano Glass Museum
Kuopio Academy of Design
The Finnish Glass Museum
Ristomatti Ratia private collection


Lasismi Co-op 2010- Founder member
Ornamo - The Finnish Association of Designers
Artists O – The Finnish Association of Artists



Where to buy? LASISMI, Lasitehtaanukio 2, Riihimäki, Finland or send me email

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NEW COMMISSION WORK for Riihimäki Town, read more here


8.3.-17.11.2019 Prima Vista, Sight-Reading, Newest art works from Jenny and Antti Wihurin Foundation collection, Korundi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland Link


New products for Rosenthal

(February 2017)

Riite glassware, designed by Helmi Remes

Balancing perfection with imperfection and beauty with uneven shapes, Finnish glass artist Helmi Remes has designed a new vase series made from transparent glass. A smooth, rounded body meets a rough-looking sleeve made from white murrine-style glass. The interplay of different lengths, rounded edges and tiny imperfections in the glass provides impressive evidence of the handcrafted artistry of the glass-blowing and skilfully draws the eye over the vibrant surface. The crystalline vases, each one unique, act as a powerful design statement on the perfection of the imperfect. Riite is limited to 49 pieces worldwide. More information



I am interested in all kinds of cooperation with artists, designers, craft artists, and companies. Please don't hesitate contact me. My works are created at the Lasismi glass studio located in the old factory of the Riihimäki Glassworks. Learn more about Lasismi at

If you are interested in a particular piece of work or want to discuss my work, please write an e-mail at

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